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Corazón robado
Corazón robado
Corazón robado
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Corazón robado

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Link Templeton había jurado que nunca se casaría, pero estaba traspasando el umbral con una novia en brazos. Sin embargo, Isabelle Fortune no era su novia, él solamente estaba cumpliendo con su deber: protegerla del hombre con el que había estado a punto de casarse.
Link era un hombre de esos que ponen el deber por encima de todo, incluso de su propia sensatez. Pero compartir un refugio en medio del desierto con aquella virgen tan seductora estaba poniendo a prueba su fuerza de voluntad. Incluso creía estar sufriendo alucinaciones, porque tenía visiones de una boda: Isabelle, la novia radiante, caminaba hacia el altar donde la esperaba un ferviente novio... ¡él mismo!
Fecha de lanzamiento4 oct 2018
Corazón robado

Peggy Moreland

A blind date while in college served as the beginning of a romance that has lasted 25 years for Peggy Moreland — though Peggy will be quick to tell you that she was the only blind one on the date, since her future husband sneaked into the office building where she worked and checked her out prior to asking her out! For a woman who lived in the same house and the same town for the first 23 years of her life, Peggy has done a lot of hopping around since that blind date and subsequent marriage. Her husband's promotions and transfers have required 11 moves over the years, but those "extended vacations" as Peggy likes to refer to them, have provided her with a wealth of ideas and settings for the stories she writes for Silhouette. Though she's written for Silhouette since 1989, Peggy actually began her writing career in 1987 with the publication of a ghostwritten story for Norman Vincent Peale's inspirational Guideposts magazine. While exciting, that foray into nonfiction proved to her that her heart belongs in romantic fiction where there is always a happy ending. A native Texan and a woman with a deep appreciation and affection for the country life, Peggy enjoys writing books set in small towns and on ranches, and works diligently to create characters unique, but true, to those settings. In 1997 she published her first miniseries, Trouble in Texas, and in 1998 introduced her second miniseries, Texas Brides. In October 1999, Peggy joined Silhouette authors Dixie Browning, Caroline Cross, Metsy Hingle, and Cindy Gerard in a continuity series entitled The Texas Cattleman's Club. Peggy's contribution to the series was Billionaire Bridegroom. This was followed by her third series, Texas Grooms  in the summer of 2000. A second invitation to contribute to a continuity series resulted in Groom of Fortune, in December 2000. When not writing, Peggy enjoys spending time at the farm riding her quarter horse, Lo-Jump, and competing in local barrel-racing competitions. In 1997 she fulfilled a lifelong dream by competing in her first rodeo and brought home two silver championship buckles, one for Champion Barrel Racer, and a second for All-Around Cowgirl. Peggy loves hear from readers. If you would like to contact her, email her at: or write to her at P.O. Box 2453, Round Rock, TX 78680-2453. You may visit her web site at:

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