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Olvida mi pasado: Los herederos Beaumont (3)
Olvida mi pasado: Los herederos Beaumont (3)
Olvida mi pasado: Los herederos Beaumont (3)
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Olvida mi pasado: Los herederos Beaumont (3)

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El padrino podía ser el regalo perfecto, un regalo que podía ser para siempre.
Matthew Beaumont no quería que los escándalos arruinaran la boda de su hermano, pero Escándalo era el segundo nombre de Whitney Maddox. Había permitido que la extravagante actriz y cantante asistiera a la boda con la condición de que se comportara. Pero había acabado siendo él el que no había sabido guardar las formas con la irresistible dama de honor.
Decidida a enterrar su pasado, Whitney hacía años que llevaba una vida tranquila. Sin embargo, después de acabar en los fuertes brazos de Matthew por culpa de un tropiezo, no había podido dejar de imaginar una noche de pasión con el padrino.
Fecha de lanzamiento10 ago 2017
Olvida mi pasado: Los herederos Beaumont (3)

Sarah M. Anderson

I spent my childhood wandering through the woods behind our house, pretending to be an Indian. Later, when I fully discovered horses, it prompted my mother the history teacher to put anything and everything about the High Plains tribes into my hands. This infatuation lasted for over a decade. At some point, I got away from Indians. My mother blames boys. I discovered Victorian novels and didn't look back - not for almost two decades. I got a Bachelor's of Arts in English from Truman State University and a Master's of Arts in English from The Ohio State University. And through it all, I knew I wanted to write novels. I just had no idea how to do it. It took a caffeine-fueled car trip with my 92-year-old grandmother and two-year-old son in July of 2007 to awaken my Muse. That story would become my first book as I figured out how, exactly, one writes a novel. Let's just say the learning curve was steep. One character led to another, and before long, I found my characters out in South Dakota, among the Lakota Sioux tribe. Modern-day cowboys, who are the Indians - without planning it this way, I find myself writing about the people and places that held my imagination throughout my childhood. In 2010, I sold my first novel, the award-winning Indian Princess, to Stacy Boyd of Harlequin Desire. The book will be released in 2012. Stay tuned for more updates! I live in Illinois with my husband, son, Jake the Three-Legged Wonder Wiener dog, and Gater the Four-Legged Mutt. I am a writer and editor at Mark Twain Media, Inc., an educational publishing company. I am a member of Romance Writers of America, the Chicago-North RWA, Women Writing the West, and the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance. When not chasing my son around or tweaking my books, I attempt to read, knit, and occasionally complete a home improvement project in my historical 1895 Queen Anne house. Sarah loves to hear from readers via her email:

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