Trust Your Heart: Lead Your Journey to Self-Discovery From Within
Trust Your Heart: Lead Your Journey to Self-Discovery From Within
Trust Your Heart: Lead Your Journey to Self-Discovery From Within
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Trust Your Heart: Lead Your Journey to Self-Discovery From Within

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Trust Your Heart: Lead Your Journey to Self-Discovery From Within is a deep dive into self-awareness, self-trust, and self-empowerment from Lebanese-Canadian activist, author, poet, educator, and speaker Najwa Zebian. On this powerful new journey, Zebian provides the necessary tools to help you begin to heal old wounds, embrace your intrinsic value and worth, let go of outdated notions about traditional gender roles, and get clear about what you really want in an intimate relationship with another human being. She also guides you toward finding the right connection, one built on an unshakable foundation of genuine love, caring, and mutual respect. 

Zebian begins by gently walking you through meditative inner reflections on the pain and heartbreak of subconscious childhood trauma and past failed relationships, using fascinating and illuminating examples from her own experience growing up in a reserved, patriarchal family in Lebanon. Encouraging you to let go of the trap of “comparative pain,” she helps you to understand how, when, and why certain choices were made and empowers you to make very different ones in the future that will truly reflect who you fundamentally are. 

Through a series of simple questions, she supports you every step of the way in gaining valuable insight into how to rebuild yourself after someone else broke you. As you discover your often detrimental and self-sabotaging conditioning about relationships, you'll learn to forgive yourself for past failures and reframe them as opportunities to grow. Slowly, you’ll begin to trust your body and leave your safety blanket behind, while setting clear boundaries as you redefine your ideal relationship from a newly fortified place of self-trust, self-understanding, and self-love.

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Building healthy relationships…

Have your past heartbreaks made you wary when you approach new relationships? Activist and author Zebian provides helpful advice on how to heal from past traumas with partners, parents, and friends to foster a healthy relationship with the most important person in your life — yourself. “Trust Your Heart” is a spiritual journey of self-discovery.

Fecha de lanzamiento8 feb 2023
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